Sunday, June 3, 2007


I love to fish. I didn't ever go until I met Jared. He took me for the first time on my 21st birthday!!! I had a ball but didn't catch anything. I was so sad, so Jared took me to the fish hatchery. We had to sneak in and were able to "catch" fish with our bare hands in the troughs they hold them in in the hatchery, not exactly legal, but hey, it was my birthday and I wanted to catch a fish!!! Since then, we have gone fishing many, many times. In fact the picture above is of me with the fish I caught the day after we got engaged!! There is a place in Wayne County, Utah where we like to go called, UM river. My husband wont let me be more specific in case any of you want to try to invade our fishing grounds. We also like to go to Fish Lake nearby. Last summer my sister's family wanted to learn to fish, so we took a trip down to Fish Lake. We had the best time!! This is Katie, my niece, with the fish she caught, not too shabby eh?
My sister, Heather and her family.

We also took my other sister, Mary and her family later that summer, it was so fun!! But, Mary's trip got rained on and we had to wait out a flash flood in Capitol Reef National Park! Thbis is Mary with her boys!! They are so cute, everytime I go to see them, they ask when we are going fishing again!

Well, signing off, Happy Fishing!