Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby Hungry

Well this is a new experience for me because for so long I was convinced I would never be such. For the last few months, almost a year, I have been increasingly baby hungry. So far no luck, but keep your fingers crossed for me!! Having 15 neices and nephews on my side, and 2 on Jared's doesn't help. I love being around them and playing with them. Also, about half the women I work with have been pregnant within the last year or are pregnant currently!! That's a lot of babies!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Japan Part 2!!!!

Well we went to Japan again this October. It is becoming a bit of a tradition, and I can't say I am disappointed. First off, I am excited to say that I got business class both ways, YIPEE!!! Unfortunately, both ways Jared got put in coach. Now, before you get all crazy like, telling me what a jerk I am for not trading him, he refused to trade, and ended up with three seats to himself both ways. So don't feel too sorry for him. When we arrived in Okinawa after about 30 hours of traveling, Jared's brother picked us up and took us to their new apartment, which, by the way, is pretty incredible. We were so exhausted, we chatted for a bit and caught up, but then went to bed and slept great. By the next morning I was feeling alright, and awoke to greet our niece Molly. Whose 1st birthday was in 2 days!!!
Isn't she adorable?! We then had a lot to do for and I quote "The biggest birthday party the island has ever seen!" That was the title given to Molly's 1st birthday party by my sister in law Michelle. We had to clean, decorate, and Todd or James as he's known by his friends (Jared's brother) baked a couple hundred cupcakes, about 5 pans of cornbread, and made five or so pots of chili!!! Then we had to decorate the cupcakes, it was lots of fun but by then I was exhausted and jet lagged so I went to bed. The next day was the bash.
Molly was a ballerina, Todd a martial arts expert, and Michelle was a gypsy. I went as an Indian and Jared wore a hat for a little while. Ha ha. After the party, we could relax and start seeing the sights. We went to an old movie town and saw some amazing glass blowers, and some really cool traditional buildings, and learned about local crafts etc.
I had a lot of fun, this next picture is of me doing my best Bruce Lee impression, at the martial arts work out area.
Another day we went to a botanical garden, it was really beautiful. There were flowers, plants, butterflies, and a koi pond you would not believe.

There were hundreds of fish all trying to eat the same piece of food. Both me and Molly had a great time feeding them. Jared caught this one picture of a white koi that I just love, here it is.
We went to the Okinawa Aquarium one day and I can't even put into words how big and amazing this place was. So I will let the pictures show you.

They have this massive tank with three whale sharks and a bunch of manta rays that were the size of four full size men!

This is me getting eaten by a Megalodon jaw!! We had so much fun, I could probably go on all day. However, I don't have time right now. So look for an update soon...