Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well it's a new year! I can't really believe it. Looking back on 2007 is pretty surreal. I have been on a bunch of trips, some I was on the ball enough to blog about others I was lazy and didn't. This post is going to fill in some of the gaps. January, I put on a great fondue themed murder mystery dinner party for my siblings and their spouses. I also went to LA to see the Ellen show. My friend Sar-i and I had so much fun, Ellen is great, so crazy! February was a hard month because I lost my grandmother. She was an incredible women who I respect and love more than I can put into words. March, Jared and I went on our cruise!
Which I did blog about, so before I go on and on, read the post about it!! I also went on a scrapbooking retreat with a bunch of friends. We went to an awesome cabin up in Midway and spent the night eating great food, watching movies, and working hard on our books. It was so fun. I got a lot done too. April consisted of my three year anniversary at Skywest, and a girls weekend to Saint George with my mom and sisters. We went shopping and to the temple down there. I also got to see my best friend from high school and growing up, Jessica, who I adore and hadn't seen in ages. In May my friends Sarah and Annika went to a lecture with the Mythbusters, Adam and Jaime from the T.V. show.
It was so funny and very interesting. Jared and I went to Canada with one of his friends, who owns an island in the Great Lakes. It was a lot of fun, but so so so so COLD! The island was beautiful, and the cabin was fun, although there was no power or running water! Okay, thats not completely true we made running water using a barrel and lake water, but still! May was also my 26th birthday, and I threw a BBQ in my backyard for all of my friends. June, Sarah and I went to see So You Think You Can Dance in LA. We both adore the show and were so excited when I won tickets, we dropped everything to go. We got to see our favorite from last season, Benji, dance. It was wonderful. We stood in line most of the afternoon and just happened to be in line right behind Benji's dad!! I got a migraine worse than I have ever had before, and I am not hyperbolizing!! So Sarah had to drive back to the hotel, and I passed out. The next day we went to Las Vegas to spend a couple of days before we went home. It was a blast. We saw the musical Mamma Mia!!! SO FUNNY! You really need to watch it. Well that's June. July, I went to Jared's mom's family reunion. It was at the property Down South, in good old Wayne County Utah. The reunion is always such a great time. We fish and camp. We eat a lot and play too. Jared's brother and his wife were there from Japan with their little one Molly. It was good to see them all again. Also in July was girls camp, which I will let you read about on it's own post. August was Jared's birthday, the big 33! I didn't do much other than work that month. September, was Sar-i's birthday, she turned 27!! For her birthday we went to Disneyland. We also went to Universal Studios, and the Body World exhibit in San Diego. On her birthday, we were deciding what to do and her dad called, he just happened to be in Burbank on business and wanted to take us to dinner. So we went to the Queen Mary in the afternoon, and met him in Malibu for the most incredible dinner, I for one, have ever experienced. We went to this place right on the beach, with amazing seafood. I can honestly say I will never forget that view!! It was a very busy and fun trip. Good work Sarah!! October, obviously Japan. Which you can also read about on it's own post! November, I went to San Francisco with Sarah and Valerie. We went to Alcatraz. My first time there, it was very neat. We also went shopping in Union Square. I got Jared's Christmas present, a brand new top of the line digital camera and underwater housing for it, so he can take it diving. We had a fabulous time, except Sarah's snoring!! Hee hee. She knows I love her! December was Christmas prep time. What a crazy busy time of year. As much fun as Christmas is it is hard to enjoy sometimes with the hectic pace you have to maintain. Our Christmas was wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve at my sister Heather's house and got to watch the kids open their gifts, Christmas morning. I then had to work for about four hours. Then Jared and I had our Christmas. It was all around a really good day. Jared got me a diamond ring!!! I also got a PS2 from Santa with a karaoke game I have been wanting. I got Zelda for my DS it has been so fun to play. Jared loved his camera, and has hardly put it down since. Well, thats my year in review. Hope yours was just as event filled and great.