Friday, June 5, 2009

Fishin' "Down South"

Well, I guess you all may (or may not) want to know what is going on with me. Jared, Gabriel, and I went down to Jared's family's property last week with a couple of our friends, Devon and Chelsey. The first day, we went to a lake, called Forsythe, just up the road from the property. Gabriel didn't have a life jacket so I took him for a walk, and a scenic drive while the others went out in the boat. A couple of hours passed and Jared came in to meet up with me. He took Gabriel and I got to go out on the lake. At this point everyone was a little frusterated and annoyed because those wiley fish had skunked them. Devon and Chelsey were getting bites but not landing anything. I let out my line and the time passed, as we drove around the lake... Nothing happened for a long time. We drove down near the dam, where Jared and Gabriel were hanging out with Devon's stepdad. As we went around in a loop past the dam, SLAM! My line got hit!!! I set my hook and started reeling in. I just love the adrenaline you get when bringing in a fish. I fought him, hoping I would be able to land him (and show these yahoos how it is done) and I got him! He was a great looking tiger trout. A few minutes later and in about the same spot it happened again! SLAM! Another bite and another fight. I caught 2 fish and then the weather started to turn cold and rainy so we called it a day. That night was a rough one. Gabriel was sick and cried most of the night. When morning finally came, we decided to try our luck up at Fish Lake. (One of my alltime favorite places in the world, it also happens to be where Jared proposed to me:)) As we arrived at the lake I got Gabriel ready to go out on the water. (We had borrowed a life vest for him from a cousin) Away we went. Not too long into our boat ride I once again let out my line and hoped for the best. Well how excited do you think I was when......SLAM! Once again I had a fish on my line! I pulled him on in and he turned out to be the prettiest rainbow trout I have ever seen. The pink stripe down him was so vibrant and he was so shiny and beautiful! After that we started having good luck all around. Chelsey caught 2 rainbows, Devon caught one, and I caught another. We had a great day and saw eagles flying overhead and a deer at the waters edge getting a drink. What a beautiful trip.