Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Girls Camp

Calli, Nancy, Danielle, Rachael, Ashley, Kyrene, Gabrielle , and JoVonna.

I just got back from girls camp, and had the best time!! I went as an adult leader, but ended up probably acting more like one of the girls. These girls are some of the best there are. We canoed, hiked, fished, and just had a great time. The first day, we got our camp set up and I took the girls down to the lake. They got to go canoeing and on the zip line. I went fishing for a while but only caught moss. :( It was so sad!!! Oh, well.

There were tons of these little pot guts!! They were so cute and love Goldfish crackers.

Later in the week, Jared came up and helped teach the girls all kinds of useful information about camping and survival. Things like, knot tying, orienteering, wildlife, and emergency shelters. We took a couple of night hikes and got really lucky when we saw a few deer bedded down. One day I was working on cleaning up one of the tents from a rain storm, when a moose walked through our camp, only about 5-10 feet from me!!! It was amazing, if a bit scary!!

Needless to say camp was incredible!


Well I was at work today and saw my friend Trisha. She told me that she hadn't seen a blog update in a while and that I had 10 minutes till she checked again, and there better be something new. So here it is, Trisha is such a great person, I really think a lot of her. Her blog is so cute and updated regularly!! If only I was as great as Trisha!!!