Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think I might be the world's worst blogger!

Sorry to anyone who cares (probably not too many :)), I have not updated my blog in almost a year! So here goes, this year has been amazing! Gabriel is almost 2 and is definately a handful, but I love it. He runs around all day and says all kinds of hilarious things. One of his favorite things to say is "Show?" while nodding at me, like of course you will say yes... I usually let the poor kid down and say no though. I am a mean mom who only lets him watch one show a day-- if that. He also loved Halloween so much! He was a dragon and thought "tick-treat" ing was the coolest thing he had ever done, he tries to get me to take him everyday now :) We go for walks a few times a week with my awesome aunt Fawn, we take the dogs (my two and her two) it kind of becomes a circus some days. In August we went to Disnyland with Jared's family. It was so fun and we all had a blast! Gabriel loved the characters and would not wait in line to see them, it was so cute to watch him snuggle up to them and of course they all loved him too. The chipmunks wanted to keep him forever! Other funny things Gabriel says are... any male adult he sees, he points and says "man" then asks them for a hug, he calls pumpkins "cumpies" and jack-o-lanterns "ooooooooo cumpies", he is learning ownership and so everything is "mommy book" or "baby book" or "daddy book" etc. He likes to point to my bum and say "mommy bum" the other day he turned his pumpkin over and said "cumpy bum" I laughed so hard, he is just to darn cute and funny. I am excited to announce he is going to be a big brother! I am pregnant again! Yippee! It is a GIRL! and I am due Feb 25th. Don't tell Jared, he is being a pest again, not wanting to know :) I couldn't do it. I tried to wait and lasted about 36 hours after my ultrasound and gave in. The tech gave me an envelope with it inside, in case I caved... which obviously, I did. I am nervous to have two little ones running around but so so so excited. Gabriel needs a playmate and someone to help be responsible for. I think it will help in the excess energy department lol. Jared and I are just happy and enjoying our life together.